This page contains artistamps created for swaps and trades by several Issuing Authorities:



The Day Circle Post Office






Posters in France during the recent elections were defaced with startlingly meaningful and artistic touches. BTW, 85% of the electorate voted in the presidential elections, which were held on Sundays. The first election was a choice between 12 candidates, then two weeks later, the second election was a run-off between the two candidates receiving the most votes.







The white lion is from a photo taken by Allie Menapace.

The multicolor lion is the head of a sculpture project by Denis Gaydier, featuring maps and travel between Lyon and Italy, with Joconde featured on the nose.

The female lion is from a painting.

The marble lion head can be found carved into the mantlepiece of the solarium in the Lumiere Museum.





Reference and deference, lightedheartedly, to Denis Gaydier, famous French artist who turns Mona Lisa into a sort of Fregoli, ready for all "transformations." (from the book, "50 Visages de la Jaconde." by Denis Gaydier)








  Lyon's Famous Chefs, Mona Lisa and the work of Denis Gaydier come together in this stamp sheet.  









Single Artistamps

Spring Issue, 2006





5 x 7 PC, Halloween, 2005






November 1, 2005





  Will you be .....?  

Chinese New Year

February 9, 2005

Year of the Rooster


Ray Charles Commemorative

August 2004 PCT