The stamp sheets are perforated on a Rosback tabletop perforator.


Stamp sheet and stamp in response to a call for images relating to "Home." We are a group of international artists who found a home on Yahoo. We collaborate on an as-needed basis to make works which are assembled into books.   The Day Circle Post Office Issuing Authority relates to my standard practice of making Day Circles, either alone or in collaboration with musician and composer, Bob Berry.




The top image is the front of a postcard, the bottom is the stamp which was applied to the side with the mailing address.  
Inkjet print on 8.5" x 11" Epson Photo Quality paper


Elgin Carver hosted this call and assembled all participants' entries into a spendid booklet and mailed one to each of us. Each book contained a stamp from each participant.

  Artistamp Mailing List is a group of artists who make faux postage on all matter of subjects. Each year we do a swap celebrating the anniversary of our founding. The Issuing Authority for this is AML. I have the honor of being #8.
Strip of four stamps, perforated.
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