Tend Your Flock
Excerpted from Fringe Review: POPE UP by SJ Punderson, The City Paper. "Among the Pope-themed pieces, Joan Menapace's "Tend Your Flock", is a standout. Inspired by and in collaboration with her transgender daughter, the crocheted Pope miter in bright pink, white and blue and painted wood sculpture in the colors of the transgender flag are an attention grabber. Suicide is a big issue in the transgender community, and Menapace includes this startling statistic in her artistic statement: 41% of transgender Catholics are at risk or may have attempted suicide. That's 128, 248 people, according to her calculations. Who is tending this flock? "
Tend Your Flock, 69" x 12" x 12," yarn, wood and paint
"Memory" Works
This is an ongoing series titled, "The Forget-Me-Not Sisterhood." Objects from friends and relatives (and relatives of friends) here and gone, unapologetically decorate them. Memories of Kay, Bambi, Ethel. Patty, Diane, Donna, Maureen, Lillian, Shelley and Margaret are sewn in, glued on, and wrapped around the figures who are between 10" and 15".


  Ti Di      
  Obama   ObamaCU  
  Got Your Back, 13", corregated cardboard, paper collage      
  Hillary   HillaryBAck  

Ready For Hillary, 13", corregated cardboard, paper collage




  Back View  

This collaborative piece speaks to US involvement in foreign wars.  It consists of 50 figures (one for each state) which memorializes the almost 5000* U.S. Iraq War casualties.  There are over 2000* VFW paper poppies in the center, one for each casualty of the Afghanistan War.

Suspended above are Iraq combat veteran Leesha Quigg's photographs taken during her tour. The relationship between the work of the two artists calls attention to not only the dark consequences of the wars, but also sheds unexpected light on those who are living it.

*CNN, October 2011

  Floor piece, 9' x 9', yarn, ashes, paper poppies. 16 photographs, 4 8" x 10" plexiglass cubes      
Scratch, 24" x 24," white acrylic yarn, copper pennies
Detail, each figure approx. 10"
  Scratch, above, was inspired by the shenanigans of the hooligans on Wall Street.      










Giant, left, was inspired by a nightmare.











Giant, 7', black and white acrylic yarn
      I Found It!, below, relates to three dresses my sister and I wore in grammar school.  
I Found It!, 24" x 18," tracing paper, ink, thread, tissue paper
Detail, each dress, 18" x 18" x 8"
Extinct: Wooly Mamouth, 14" x 12" x 14," altered World Book Encyclopedia
Early Sculpture