sculpture installation: C-pods


The first installion of C-Pods was held at 314 Brown Street, Philadelphia on June 4. In a corner on the second floor of this building of artists' studios in the Northern Liberties section, over 250 pods gathered and wandered up the walls The family of forms consists of four iterations, as seen below. Sizes vary from 3" to 30" tall. They are stoneware glazed and stained, each one different from the other. The yellow light cast them in a separate space apart from the ambient light. The views below feature myself and visitors. The brighter images were taken with a flash.

In April, several of the C-Pod family members were accepted into the Artsbridge11th Annual Regional Juriel Show at Prallsville Mills in Stockton, NJ.




Formal Groupings:  

There are four iterations of c-pods; baby, youth, adult and dead.

See if you can pick out which is which.






C-Pods in the landscape: